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How much product does the Stripper produce per hour?

Our smallest model processes 100lbs per hour.   The competition is processing 20lbs per hour with 2x the man power to operate.  With our stripper you do not need to cut the branches off the stalk, feed the entire plant and yield a very clean biomass, bud and seeds.  (Larger Strippers available for custom order.)   

What are the dimensions and weight of the Striper?

This machine stands roughly 72” tall, 60” long and 33” wide.  Using 30 Amps and 220 volts single phase. Weighing approx. 2,000 lbs.

What is the Volt and Amp of the Stripper?

30 Amps and 220 volts, single phase.

Can I use the Stripper if I trim the buds off the whole plant?

No, the Stripper is designed to do this for you, saving thousands of man hours. At a production rate 4X faster than our closest competitor, but with our Stripper you do not have to cut the branches from the plant by hand, (our stripper does this step for you) using ¼ of the man hours. Once the bud is stripped from the stems it is ready to be processed with the Cannon.


How much product does the Cannon produce per hour?

Our smallest model processes 400-500lbs per hour.  Producing 10x more product than the competition.  (Larger Cannons are available for custom orders.)

What are the dimensions and weight of the Cannon?

This machine stands roughly 60” tall, 75” long, and 35” wide.  Weighing approx.. 500lbs.

What is the Volt and Amp of the Cannon?

15 Amp. And 110 volt

Can I put Whole plants in the Cannon?

No. The Cannon is designed to use ONLY product that has been stripped from the whole plant by the Stripper.  It is designed for finer material with smaller branches no larger than 18” long.  


How much product does the Tumbler produce per hour?

Our smallest model processes 80-100lbs per hour.  (lager Tumblers available for custom order.)

What are the dimensions and weight of the Tumbler?

This machine stands roughly 50” tall and 20” wide. Weighing approx.200lbs

What is the Volt and Amp of the Tumbler?

1.2 Amps and 110 volts

Can I put whole buds in the Tumbler and yield the same result?

No, the Tumbler is designed to take the ground buds and flower that the Cannon has produced. And separate this product into individual containers of fine flower, slightly courser flower and small stems.  You can put whole buds in the Tumbler but you will not yield the same result as you would if you ran it through the Cannon first.


Can I use the Cannon without using the Stripper or Tumbler?

Not advised.  These machines are all designed to work simultaneously to take the whole plant and process it to a fine high-quality flower product.  Free of stems, debris, and unwanted material. It is possible to operate the Cannon without the Stripper or Tumbler but for the highest production rate, efficiency and quality product we recommend you use all 3 machines together.   

How soon can I get my machine?

Due to high demand and based on availability you can expect your machine in 1-4 weeks

Are shipping costs included?


How many machines can I order at once?

As many as you want. Product readiness may vary due to high demand for this product.

Can I make a custom order?

Yes, contact our engineer for various design options.  Within reason all of the machines can be made to operate at a larger scale.

Is there a warranty on my machine?

90 day warranty on Replacement parts.  Labor and travel and not included.

Can I rent a machine?


Can I finance a machine through Hemp-Robotics?


Can I lease a machine from Hemp-Robotics?


What is the pay schedule for a machine?

50% down upon order date, the remaining 50% due on shipping date.

Is shipping included?

No, you must arrange and purchase shipping. The machine is your responsibility once it leaves our factory.  Hemp-Robotics is no longer liable for any damages or loss after the machine leaves our factory.